Video: SOUP – Don’t Shoot The Messenger | @soup_hiphop

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Video: SOUP – Don't Shoot The Messenger

Video: SOUP – Don't Shoot The Messenger

The critically acclaimed video for the song, "Don't Shoot the Messenger" shows a perspective on some sociopolitical issues that has deemed to divide and separate our country rather than build and grow it. This is a track, Soup says, "I wanted to unveil some personal feelings about the unrest the nation has endured in the last few years; doing so in a way that I love, which is expression through music".

 Soup is working on a follow up project, "Privately for the Public"- an EP entailing just four songs, yet showing a versatile array of concepts & styles in just under seventeen minutes. Soup says the significance of the four songs represents application, determination, production and hard work. This project is a display of lyrical art & creativity that relates to honesty, inner-wisdom, and conscientiousness and attributes to progress, the world, passion and drive. Soup's "Privately for the Public"- EP is set to be released Fall '2016!

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