Twista "Next To You" ft. Jeremih (Video)

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Life's best surprises often come from unlikely places. Twista knows this better than most. The pioneering platinum rapper put Chicago on the rap map and made the double-time rap style a rap staple. Despite selling millions of albums and popularizing a delivery incorporated by everyone from Jay-Z to Eminem, the Windy City rapper remains largely unheralded by the uninformed. That's why he's named his new album
The Dark Horse.

Twista's "Next To You" single with platinum R&B superstar Jeremih has been gaining steam online and on radio stations across the country. This soulful selection features Twista adopting a suave approach and delivering his raps in a distinctive way. "It doesn't feel like a normal song," he says. It has tripped out cadence to it where I'm doing the Twista Style, but it's not in the average way where everybody can bite it like they usually do."  Thanks to one of the most distinctive and memorable styles in music history, this is just the latest in his long list of noteworthy accomplishments.

Thanks to mind-bending vocal performances, terrific story telling and supreme lyricism, Twista has become one of the most sought-after collaborators in music. The Chi-Town rapper has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Kanye West, Jay Z, Missy Elliott, Jamie Foxx, Pitbull, Mariah Carey, Pharrell, DJ Khaled and Puff Daddy.

Twista has also released one platinum album (2004's Kamikaze), two gold albums (1997's Adrenaline Rush and 2005's The Day After) and three gold singles (2004's "Overnight Celebrity," 2005's "Girl Tonight" and 2009's "Wetter"). Since then, he's remained in high on the list as one of rap's premiere practitioners and in-demand collaborators.


For Twista, it all comes down to the music. It's the reason he's remained one of rap's top talents for two decades. "It's the love of the music," he says. "I do other things and I have other business ventures that I do, but my love is really with the music. I keep doing it and staying in it because I love music. I still get excited every time I hear a beat or think of
a different flow."
Now with the release of his most recent album "The Dark Horse", Twista brings new life into his music by recreating his classic style and building upon it, too. "I try not to break what I know is already cool or what people want from me," he says. "People want to just hear that fierce Twista stuff that they know and love. The main thing I'm doing with this album is staying true to what people know that I do."


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