New Single: Izzy Ice - Milk And Cookies (@iamizzyice)

CW Music 1:11 AM

Izzy Ice came out with his first record at age 16 with DJMajesty. He was discovered by Chubb Rock and introduced to Howie Tee, which put out the first record soul man on Scott free records. Izzy later signed to Jive RCA . A few years later the two formed the group called "Da King and I." Izzy was then signed to Dallas Austins Rowdy Records under Arista. Thats where an album and three singles were launched. (Flip Da Script, Krak Da Weasel and Tears).

After reconstruction, Izzy then partner with Perry Jones and started the comedy club movement in Brooklyn. Izzy also went on to many business ventures where he started a drycleaners and got involved in the internet boom. After the industry fell apart, Izzy stayed in the business world because he liked the privacy and disliked the fakeness of the music industry.

After working for companies and making them rich, he was forced to start a business with his new partner and is still in business.

In July of 2016 Izzy had a near death experience that was caused by a growth in his throat. The doctor said that there would be one of two outcomes, either he would lose his voice or his life. After being blessed to have both, he felt that it was his calling to go back to the industry that he left because of God spared him from both, he is now using his voice as a God given gift.

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