Get connected with Nerdcore producer PHILONIUS PHUNK

CW Music 3:36 PM

Artists NEED to get connected with rising Florida based NERDCORE producer Philonius Phunk of the group Symphonic Pheenix Force (S.P.F.).  For those that may not be familiar with the term "Nerdcore", it's a sub genre of the hip hop that blends "geek" and "nerd" culture with hip hop music, and Philonius Phunk is certainly the powerhouse driving force behind the current Nerdcore sound, especially in the Southeast region of the U.S.

"Phil" is looking to branch out and work with artists beyond the "Nerdcore" tight knit circles and wants to collaborate and produce music for a wider variety of artists, and Philonius Phunk certainly has the talent, range and composition skills to bridge the gap and make that happen.  Get connected with him and check out his direct links below....

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