#OfficialVideo "STATIC" D.U.N.G Feat 2PAC @DU_NextGen #DUNextGen #FutureStars #Tupac

CW Music 2:38 PM


 D.U.N.G Feat 2PAC

 #DUNextGen #FutureStars #Tupac

D.U.N. G. (D.U. Next Generation) is a 2nd generation hip hop band birthing from the original group Digital Underground. S.O.T.U (Son of The Underground) is the son of the former member and co-founder Chopmaster J of the original D.U band, bringing back and paying homage to where it all started from. Consisting of multiple members of all different musical backgrounds and talents coming together to continue on the legacy and build onto what once was as well as creating the new and starting a new movement all together. Coming with all types of styles and flavors from the laid back sample based feel to the turn up party have fun doowutchyalike feel bringing back the past to the present to the future. Here to take you on a musical journey from start to finish bringing back the importance of concept and storytelling through dope music.


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