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RHOA Reunion Part 4 Recap 

#Bravo #Atl #RealityTv

Well the truth finally came out in part 4 of the 4 part Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Special but instead of "tea" this time it was "tears".  Porsha Williams finally revealed that Phaedra Parks was the "somebody" who informed her about the alleged drugging Kandi Burress planned for her as well as  Todd aka Marvin's street activities. Needless to say Phaedra was as "quiet as a church mouse" lol (couldn't help myself). The theme all night was really "why"?? Parks never gave  a clear cut answer but left a lot of hurt feelings and confusion as a results of her actions. Do you think Phaedra is facing a lawsuit or will her actions potentially ruin her credibility ? Are frick & frack finished? Why do you think African American shows always include drama, fighting, crime etc?  

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