#NewSingle "As Long As" Brielle Lesley @briellelesley Feat Payroll Giovanni #Detroit #FutureStars

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"As Long As" 

Brielle Lesley Feat Payroll Giovanni

#Detroit #FutureStars  

Get to know Brielle Lesley!!!
Where I grew up...

Grew up in MICHIGAN on DETROIT'S east side... I attended MARVIN L. WINANS ACADEMY of the PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL where I studied choir, dance, and drama classes, from 3rd  to 11th grade. Being there really groomed my talents and taught me how to perform. The teachers noticed my gifts and they made sure I used them. When my mom and dad divorced I unfortunately had to leave WINANS ACADEMY.   I then attended  DENBY HIGH SCHOOL, which was my first time in a Detroit public school. The work was easy, but they had no interest in my talent. My primary focus was to graduate because there were a lot of distractions.  Soon after graduating, I took some classes at the Wayne County Community College,  I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do and eventually I left and went BACK TO THE MUSIC the only thing that made me happy.
I would describe my music as a mixture between R&B and Urban Pop. I wouldn't put myself in one category because I kind of switch it up a bit. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be R&B, it's just something about it. Most R&B songs are about love, and love is something that I would like to represent as an artist. Songs you can feel, relate to, and touch people. Songs that leave an impact on people's lives, and that draws on ones emotions. Love songs never die, and that's the kind of music that I love to create.

Brielle Lesley gives a monster record for the summer! The hot new single 

"As Long As" Feat. Payroll Giovanni

Check it out right now!

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