Nardwuar came to my SXSW show in Austin and it got cancelled because of Guns!!

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9 shows and some of the best things happened ever at SXSW. Unfortunately our last show was cancelled because while I was going on stage, someone in security let someone in with a gun! Ofcourse the guy had a license but entering a place with a gun as a complete NO NO and knowing what happened at Mohawk years ago, this is not the place to play around. Also, that same night bomb threats cancelled the Roots show, and today a bomb went off in Austin.
Sadly, our CMMNTY show was a hit and fully packed until the venue decided to close for the safety of others. Our Oy VEY show was the biggest it has ever been!!
Why were some of the most interesting highlights of SXSW?
I opened for Shaggy and Dr Octagon in the same night. OY VEY!
I lost my rental car keys and mouth guard in the same night ($650) Ouch!
I got my shows shut down due to somebody entering with a gun and
I rapped every day on the street (now up to day 80 off 90 in my 90 day challenge)
I had a long talk with Nardwuar off camera and he Said he loved my hustle and hip hop I said rappers doesn't work hard it doesn't mean anything and he said "thats why It means everything"
I stayed at the ROI Schusterman house walking distance from the convention center - PBJs everyday almost...
I quit coffee while at sxsw and wanted to cut someone but no I don't wanna cut anyone (update: have a headache still)
I brought my own band to sxsw and got them paid ...awww...nice!
I threw my own shabbat dinner at sxsw called Shabbat Empire and it was packed :) One Table and Shabbat Tent and Adam Swig all helped out!!
I went to a Rodeo and petted goats and sheep and watched my first muff husker contest, where kids ride wild sheep.
Opened a crypto currency show headlined by Ghostface Killah.
I ate multiple falafel and answered only 10 emails all week :)
Trinidad James and Turquoise Jeep played the same show. how cool!
My sponsors Flower of Life CBD were the coolest people ever.

We got some nice press at SXSW.

Upcoming things
1. new music release schedule
2. big summer tour announcement. BIG BIG BIG!!
3. April tour dates and may tour dates being added at colleges
4. Israel at 70 stuff
5. my next 90 and 90 challenge will blow you away!!
Say hey when you can and ask someone how they are doing !!
Love you,

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