Watch the Second Installment of Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored w/ Floyd Mayweather

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For the first time since 2014, Floyd Mayweather opens up about the tragic murder suicide of friend Earl Hayes and girlfriend Stephanie Mosely.
Floyd Mayweather continues his exclusive sit down with Dash Radio's Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored this week to recount the tragic and devastating day when friend Earl Hayes commits a murder suicide on FaceTime. In the emotional interview, Mayweather shared the vivid details on what happened that dat when Earl Hayes called before killing his wife and then later turning the gun onto himself. Mayweather went on to also discuss on about how entertainers should be careful with the messages they put out regarding what's consider "good" hair and "bad" hair. After the recent success of Beyonce's Lemonade, the boxing champion shared his opinions on the popular phrase "Becky with the good hair" and why he feels that statement can be damaging to young girls.
Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored airs every Monday at 3:00 PM PST on the Dash Radio App under T-Boz's 'iCraft' channel. Please see below for more information on Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored and Dash Radio.

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