OH NO! ØKTAPUS (@oh_no_oktapus) - Interview (Official Lyric Video)

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Members of the famed East Coast bands Prospect Hill and Lansdowne have spun their talents into a new group, OH NO! ØKTAPUS, which will cross all genres. Shaun "Showtime" Lichtenstein, Derek "Doc. D" Rousseau, and Mark "Bamo" Roberge, formed OH NO! ØKTAPUS as a trendsetting creative collective which will feature different singers on each project. Their first single, "Interview" features Prospect Hill singer Edgar Troncoso. Check out their lyric video below:

OH NO! ØKTAPUS BIOGRAPHY:After years of writing, recording, and touring the world in the rock bands Prospect Hill and Lansdowne, Shaun "Showtime" Lichtenstein, Derek "Doc. D" Rousseau, and Mark"Bamo" Roberge decided it was time to start working on musical projects together. The trio collaborated with a collective goal to create a sound that would scan all genres and combine different styles and techniques that are not typically used together. The goal is not only to collaborate and create new music with aspiring artists, they wanted to take their creations a step further by actually performing their works with all the live instruments used during the recording process. Similar to a Producer/DJ, the group will write, record, and produce a given record and when it comes time to perform the song(s), they will be front and center stage with guitars, drums and all the like to deliver the in-concert experience for the listener. This new method of participating fully in the production and performance processes inspired their new brand "OH NO! OKTAPUS."
Wait, what!?
OH NO! ØKTAPUS is not just a flashy series of words or a gimmicky phrase created to grab attention. The name OH NO! ØKTAPUS represents the function of this new brand while serving to capture the nature in which this collection of artists plan to operate. Like an octopus, the trio of Mark, Derek and Shaun represent the main brain of the complex creature with their input on all facets of the musical production process. The artists that they facilitate into the music world represent the tentacles, each functioning with their own individual characteristics yet, still connected and ultimately guided by the main head. So, when the impact of this multi-functioning musical entity is felt throughout the industry, you will begin to better understand the name and its cleverly appropriate characterization. Beware the ØKTAPUS!

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