Lloyd Reveals EP Cover Art and Tracklist for Tru, out December 9th!

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Over the holiday weekend, Atlanta's R&B crooner, Lloyd, revealed the cover art and tracklist for his upcoming EP, Tru, on Complex. Available on all DSPs December 9th [EMPIRE], Tru is Lloyd's first project after a five year hiatus spent focusing on family, obtaining his high school diploma, and learning to play guitar.

When asked about the eye-catching cover art, Lloyd explains, “It was really more of an introspective thing. Although what you see on the outside is a guy who is apparently balls-to-the-wall naked in the woods near a waterfall, it’s really a moment for me to conquer all the fears that I might have had. All the inhibitions, the insecurities that usually exist in a person; to me it’s no exception. Insecurities of the body, being free in a public place."

Lloyd understands questions may arise from the revealing artwork, but hopes people understand his vision. "I don’t know if I really captured it with the artwork; I hope people don’t see it and think that I'm trying to sell or degrade myself," Lloyd explains. "I wanted to make it as tasteful as possible. Unfortunately, a naked body is seen as exploitive or nasty. I think that it’s beautiful, because that’s the way you come in." In preparation for the release, Lloyd recently surprised fans with a remix of the already successful title track featuring fellow Atlanta native, 2 Chainz, available now.

Pre-Order Lloyd's Tru EP today: here

1. "Tru"
2. "Heavenly Body" f/ Rick Ross
3. "Holding"
4. "Excited"
5. "Tru (Remix)" f/ 2 Chainz (Bonus)

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