Focus The Truth feat. Oswin Benjamin - "Basquiat" (Video)

CW Music 5:59 PM


Topped with crowns and featuring an infectious flow, King Focus and Oswin Benjamin channel their inner Basquiat with this new track and music video paying homage to the influential NYC artist of the late 70’s and early to mid 80’s.

"My manager, Oswin and I linked up with the Director A.M. Fine and we decided to shoot very organically to capture the New York vibe of the track. The video concept was very much influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat and it pays homage to him and Warhol. You see it with the Warhol mural in Williamsburg, the boxing gloves and the floating crowns on our heads."

— Focus the Truth

Visually merging old scenes and images of Basquiat with Focus the Truths’ present, New Yorkers will notice some iconic places while also feeling nostalgic for the NYC of the past.

"I heard the beat from Brock Berrigan and it felt like some old school Hip Hop to me … I just was creating art in my opinion and it wasn't limited by the constraints of what a song was supposed to be traditionally.”

New Yorkers more than anybody are “still trying to find it all” as Focus says in the track, but by finding influence in the past and making connections to another artistic renaissance happening in New York, Focus the Truth and Oswin Benjamin evoke the movement perfectly. The music video for “Basquiat” was produced by NYC’s Brock Berrigan and directed by A.M Fine (Films by Fine).



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