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Sonyaé Elise consistently amazes us with her soulful raspy voice, witty lyrics and charismatic attitude. The New Jersey songstress hopped on Yachty's "Rewind" and put a female twist on it with,"U Was Wrong" the remix. Sonyaé voice perfectly harmonizes the hook and gives listeners the feeling of unrequited love. While Yachty sings a tale of of a breakup and regrets, Sonyaé sounds like a woman fed up.


"Thought I had the one, thought you had the one,

I was wrong, you was right, yea I am the one,

You was out here playin' with our situation,

Ain't no love lost n*gga, yea I'm fkin' done"

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About Sonyaé Elise
Sonyaé Elise is an American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who won the inaugural series of Platinum Hit, a Bravo American television channel show about new songwriters. According to her interview with Billboard Magazine, she does not read music nor can she play any instruments. Following ‘Platinum Hit’, Sonyaé went on to work with with an array of Multi-Platinum producers and Grammy­ Nominated songwriters including Jill Scott, Kara DioGuardi, Frank Ocean, J. U. S. T. I. C. E. League, JR Rodum, Jerry Wonda, Tricky Stewart, and more. Recently, Sonyaé has written and been featured on The Game’s double disc album, 'The Documentary 2 & 2.5', along side Kendrick Lamar (On Me), Puff Daddy (Standing On Ferraris) Busta Ryhmes (Like Father Like Son), Travis Barker and Future on the single 'Dedicated'. Sonyaé is also featured on Anderson Paak's single 'Room In Here' (MALIBU) and MGK’s single 'Everyday' (General Admission). Sonyae co-wrote 'Worthy' featuring Jhene Aiko and 'Giv No Fuks' featuring Migos on Jeremih’s 2015 album ‘Late Nights’. She also co-wrote and is featured on 'Copenhagen' from Jeremih's 2016 release 'Late Nights: Europe'.

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