Wyclef Jean chats with Arcade Fire's Will Butler for the Talkhouse Music Podcast

CW Music 3:40 PM


Earlier this year, Wyclef Jean sat down with the Arcade Fire's Will Butler at Samsung 837 in New York City to discuss the twentieth anniversary of the Fugees' seminal record, The Score. There's a great story about how they stole a beat originally meant for Fat Joe to make "Fu-gee-la." Oh, and they break into song. A lot. 

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"Lauren on 'Killing Me Softly,' she was a mad woman scientist. Because she was so obsessed with the original version, I literally think Lauren did background vocals for seven days. I kid you not!... Seven days of the most insane vocal takes. And then when you're listening back to the Roberta Flack, the original, you see why [Lauren] took so long... [I] definitely credit her heavy genius when it comes to vocals." - Wyclef on Lauren Hill's vocal genius and "Killing Me Softly"

"When I was barely 15, Curtis Blow did my first demo... My first music video ever I was barely 17, I'm playing upright bass in Eric B and Rakim's song 'Don't Sweat The Technique.'... So yeah, I was into the hip hop culture very early." - Wyclef on being into hip hop culture from an early age




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