Jo-Bread- Told Ya @JoBreadGVNG

CW Music 3:44 PM


28 year old Bronx native Jovan Quintana aka Jo-Bread has felt the slight touch of success and the sting of losing it all. Being an interest to labels at the young age of 19 with a single, "Money Ova Everythin", on U.S. radios he is currently fighting to regain those opportunities. Dabbling in a lifestyle that was a determent to his career and learning from those experiences he now has a drive that will not allow anything to stand in his way. He has slowly made stride back towards success. With the introduction of the term and song "SAWSE" in 2015 he has once again put his foot in the doorway of main stream radio playing across the U.S. and especially in his hometown of New York City. Over 100,000 views on Youtube later, and two mixtapes in, he gives us his third mixtape 'Our Daily Bread Pt. 1' where he continues to prove he is a chameleon in his musical sound and can transform his delivery to whatever fits his mood. He is a true musical artist and the hip-hop community will be made aware of his talents.

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