Ras Beats - Control Your Own Instrumentals

CW Music 5:14 PM

Critically acclaimed by listeners, DJ's, peers & legends, the album has received much international airplay & praise. "Ras Understands What The Sound Of New York Is SUPPOSED To Be..." - Marco Polo
If you're not familiar with this album or Ras Beats you need to get familiar right now,
"Good Old Grimy Rap Shit. The Way It's Supposed To Be..." - HouseShoes.

Airplay and spins in NYC, LA, London, Copenhagen, Croatia, France, Germany to name just a few, "Support 'Control Your Own' ...Long Live Underground Hip Hop!" - Phat Phillie (Croatia)..... "The Whole Album Can Be Played From Beginning To End In Loop Mode. A 2016 Classic!!" - DJ Modesty (France)......
"This Is What Real Hip Hop Should Sound Like Today" - DJ Easy (Germany)

From Shade45, SiriusXM, Rap Is Outta Control, Southern Vangard, Flip The Script Radio, EgoTrip, HipHopDX, AmbrosiaForHeads, SohoFMm, BlackOutHipHop & many more RAS BEATS "Control Your Own" has made the rounds & we are proud to bring you the instrumental version!

"Ras Beats Album Is The Blueprint For What A Hip Hop Album Should Sound Like. Something To Remind Us Of The Standards That Many Of Us Stand By When It Comes To Hip Hop" - DJ Eclipse

Album available on iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay, Bandcamp
and all other digital retailers

Also available for streaming on all major streaming services

1. Control Your Own (Instrumental)
2. Wit No Pressure (Instrumental)
3. Study (Instrumental)
4. Shoe Box (Instrumental)
5. Let It Be (Instrumental)
6. Front Line (Instrumental)
7. Knowledge Of Self (Instrumental)
8. Anticipation (Instrumental)
9. Queens (Instrumental)
10. Survive (Instrumental)
11. Bust The Science (Instrumental)
12. Back Against The Wall (Instrumental)
13. God Bless (Instrumental)
14. Hero (Instrumental)

All tracks produced by Ras Beats.

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