Yahu "Rock" Blackwell in "Champion Of The Hebrews" Web Series -- Ep. 2

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Yahu "Rock" Blackwell in "Champion Of The Hebrews" Web Series -- Ep. 2

Yahu "Rock" Blackwell in "Champion Of The Hebrews" Web Series -- Ep. 2

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In today’s society, it’s
getting tougher and tougher to grow up, especially those that have to
avoid the pitfalls that plague inner cities. Organizations such as the
Boys & Girls Club play a vital role in communities across the country.
Local notable boxing champion Yahu “Rock” Blackwell paid a visit to
one of the Boys & Girls chapter in his hometown of Baltimore in hopes
of being an inspiration.

Tuesday afternoon, Blackwell surprised the children of the Webster
Kendrick Boys & Girls Club of Metro Baltimore. Bearing gifts and his
latest championship belt, the cruiserweight boxer interacted with the
children one on one and joined in on some of the after school games
they were playing. During his speech, Blackwell spoke about his own
upbringings in Baltimore and how he made his way into the boxing ring
through hard work. He encouraged the members of the club to stay
focused on their goals and follow their dreams.

“I loved interacting with the youth,” Blackwell said during his visit.
“They’re the leaders of tomorrow and it’s our job to help mold them
and keep them on the right path. Thank you to Mr. Rivera and Mr.
Warren Burch (Unit Director at the Webster Kendrick Club) for their
outstanding work and for allowing me to come in and talk about my
life. The Boys & Girls Club is an excellent organization and it was a
privilege to see so many bright smiles and eager faces. I’m happy to
do what I can do to help the leaders of tomorrow. I look forward to
being a part of more events with the Boys & Girls Club.”

"It was an honor to have Mr. Blackwell speak to our young people at
the Webster Kendrick Club,” said Joel Rivera, Vice President of
Operations at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore. “We
appreciate him taking the time out of his busy schedule to share his
story. Mr. Blackwell showed our members that anything is possible in
life, and never to give up. We wish him well in his upcoming fight,
and he is welcome in our club again anytime."

Blackwell also does some philanthropy work overseas in Africa. In
addition, he is getting ready to release his very own mobile boxing
game. The People’s Champ app will allow players to train from amateur
to professional status and fight other players from around the world.
Available for both Android and iPhones, The People’s Champ app is
expected to be released in May. To coincide with the launch, Blackwell
announced “The People’s Champ Essay Contest,” which will be open to
the members of all the Boys & Girls Clubs in Baltimore. First, second
and third place winners will receive cash prizes. Feeling especially
generous, Blackwell decided to throw in a pair of sneakers as part of
the top prize.

For more information on Blackwell and his upcoming fights, please
visit http://ift.tt/2nzRlpf. Information on The People’s Champ app can
be found at http://ift.tt/2ofosC7.

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