Greg Kading Responds & Disproves That Snoop Dogg's Cousin Lil Half Dead Killed 2Pac

CW Music 6:30 PM
Recently a false story took over the internet where it seem that Suge Knight was going to admit who was responsible for killing his friend and artist Tupac Shakur this is the same man who is currently in prison awaiting trial for running a man over with his truck back in 2015. According to the false story that hit the net, Knight’s ex-wife and Reggie Wright head of security for Death Row records planned the murder with brothers Danny Patton and Malcolm Patton, all of this false info comes from a so called “confession letter” made up by a convicted child molester plus some how Snoop Dogg’s cousin Lil Half dead is pulled in the mix of being a part of the murder because Tupac supposedly stole the song “Brenda’s Got A Baby” from him, really ? what will they think of next. We spoke to retired detective Greg Kading who actually worked on the murders of Tupac and Biggie to set the record straight, in our interview with Greg he disproves the ridiculous theory.

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