R-Mean Creates An Undeniably Soulful Ode To Tupac That Touches The Soul

CW Music 4:05 PM

The Armenian American Artist Known For Lyrical Contributions To Nas and Eminem Creates One Of The Best Acknowledgements For Tupac On The Week Of His Birthday and Untold Storyunnamed(10)

In the wake of his birthday and the release of the nationally recognized biopic untold story, R-Mean releases a touching ode to the legendary Tupac Shakur. "All Eyes On You" is a clear depiction of R-Means commitment to delivering incredible music during his Mean Monday series. R-Mean sampled one of Tupac's greatest hits "Dear Mama". When you listen to the record you can't help but to feel the spirit of Pac. From the soulful sample, to the subtle inserts of Pacs voice throughout the record, R-Mean does a fantastic job giving ode to one of HipHops greatest legends.


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