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#NtuneEntGrp #Jayz #444 #HipHop 

First let me preface this review with these words, "i am a vintage Jay fan" for sure but i wasn't overly impressed with this album. The production is dope of course JayZ always has the most soulful,spirit filled beats that tug at your hip hop heart strings i did enjoyed a few of the tracks in particular i really felt "Legacy" and "The Story Of OJ". There were moments of honesty and some bars that made you say hmmmm but let's not pretend Jay is the first to speak on racial and social issues.David banner,Talib,Black thought, Mos def etc have spoken out for years.Jay is a puzzle in particular he talks about blacks not supporting each other yet damn near his whole tidal staff is non black. I'm not sure how much of this album is truly heart felt and how much is riding the wave of sometimey conscious blacks. Jay is part of the machine that has continually helped degrade and oppress us as a people.With poor examples of manhood,misogyny,street life etc.Jay was one of those success stories i was super proud of, Rockafella was an amazing movement that had everybody going bananas but somehow as usual (when you watch unsung)all our greats break up, die, become plagued with addictions or get ridiculous egos.Jay is a project kid so i applaud him for making it out of the ghetto but i wonder how many he had to sacrifice/step on to get to the hills. However it happens they never last like the Beatles,Rolling stones or other genre artists. Why is that? I Guess at the end of the day i agree with Jay on one point whether you play the game or not your still a n*gga.  

Favorite Songs
  The Story Of OJ 
Kill Jay Z


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