Bobbi Jones - H8 Myself | @inez98

CW Music 8:08 PM

Bobbi Jones is a 19 year old singer born and raised in Joliet, Illinois. She grew up with a passionate love for music. Anything that was some form of art, she invested herself in it. Her dad was a big influence for her love of music, solely because he would play his music extremely loud and he knew every word to every song, seeing her dads love for it encouraged her to love it as much as he did. She grew up listening to rap & hip hop with her dad while she spent just as much time listening to r&b and soul with her mom. As she grew older, her taste in genres began to vary. Country, rock, and soul, she loved it all. Bobbi was always in love with creating art but it wasn't until recently when she decided to step into a booth and share the outcome with the world. Bobbi is definitely something special. She's surely on the rise to change lives with her work.

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