New Music: Prodi – Medusa (@KingProdi)

CW Music 8:45 PM

New Orleans fastest rising artist Prodi is Kanye meets Kendrick with an undeniable knack for forging lyrics. His first major single “Medusa” blends a catchy commercial hook with hard hitting lyrics. Medusa is that unbreakable chick that turns men into stone. This is an anthem for dudes that are hip to her trifling ways. Medusa claims “girl im heartless you can take it, im just tryna get you naked”.

Prodi fell into music at age ten. It was a natural convergence coming from a family of singers. Born and raised in New Orleans, Prodi has developed an unduplicatable sound. Mixing witty lyricism with his wide vocal range, the outcome is unforgettable melodies and quotable bars. Pulling from real life experiences, Prodi encapsulate the everyday struggles that define our generation.

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