New Video: Isaac Stinson - Hero | @Isaacstinson

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New Video: Isaac Stinson - Hero

New Video: Isaac Stinson - Hero

Artist Bio

Contrary to first impressions he’s been giving off since he moved to Nashville in 2013, when Isaac Stinson says “I do hip-hop” during light conversation he’s not referring to producing for another artist. Aiming to be a skilled lyricist and authentic writer, Isaac’s projects often explore many styles on the hip-hop spectrum and draw from specific personal experiences and what could be considered as an excess of introspection. Isaac also immerses himself in the production process of his songs, ensuring that he plays a role in every aspect of the creation of his music.

Isaac Stinson is a really dope artist with a crazy sound. His style is very unique and his beat selection is mind blowing. This kid has the juice without a shadow of a doubt.

The new video is called "Without' and the name of the project is "Hero" which is releasing on Feb. 23th, 2018. This video is saying a lot without saying anything. Click the play button to understand where I am coming from and if you like the video. Click the link below to buy now.

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