New Video: Banko Dupree - She's Yours (@BankoDupree)

CW Music 3:06 PM
New York rapper Banko Dupree just unleashed this fire video for his new single "She's Yours".

Banko has fueled his passion and love for music at an early age. Using his knowledge and passion for music, Banko Dupree decided to use his talent and draw inspiration from the streets of Upstate New York, there he could cultivate and nurture his creative interest to further pursue his rap career. Banko Dupree has made mention that his only inspiration for creating music apart from his love of music is the drive and determination given to him by his family, “Being able to provide and helping my family, is the only motivation I need to create music”.

Banko Dupree also inspired by the Dipset, Outkast, Kanye West, Rob Zombie and The Beatles. Each of these artists style, finesse and confidence are all characteristics that Banko Dupree aspires to mirror within music. His latest single, She’s Yours is slowly becoming an internet sensation and social media phenomenon, with over 700k plays on Soundcloud, 450k Streams on Spotify, 320k on FB and 80k Youtube impression.

Having worked with artists such as D Weathers, Manolo Rose, Brandyn Dayne and Tony E., Banko Dupree is slowly on his way to making a name for himself as one of New York’s own. With his mix-tape releasing and such a dynamic following along with heavy social media promotion, Banko Dupree is destined to not only leave his imprint within the hip hop community but to channel his voice to help influence and implement a positive light for his generation.


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