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New Music: Lil Ray – F&*K It Up Featuring Heart Breaker Quis

New Music: Lil Ray – F&*K It Up Featuring Heart Breaker Quis

Lil Ray from Nex2kin has reached out and grab his Lil youngin Heart Breaker Quis for a collaboration. This Chicago based rapper has been putting out bangers for several years. Lil Ray was formerly in a group called Nex2kin with his cousin but now he's pursuing a solo career. 7 months ago Lil Ray came out with 2 songs which did a million views on World Star Hip Hop and YouTube. Game Over was one of the records and No Feelings was the other record. Make sure you check them out if you have not heard them before. 

During our interview Lil Ray informed us that he needed to take a little time off to take care of some personal business but now he's back to collect. Lil Ray stated he knew he needed a song that was a little gritty to come back with, so he can grab the attention of his fans to let them know that he was serious and he was ready to get back to work. 

The first thing he said he needed was a catchy hook, that everybody who can turn up to. He also informed us that he went out and got his little youngin Heart Break Quis to add that sauce on top of the flavor which made the Ingredients work. 

Lil Ray told us that this single "f*** it up" is also featured on a independent movie called "Red" which is directed and produced by Kim Dixon. The movie is about a real life situation which occurs in Chicago.

"I would like all my fans to check the movie out once it's finished." Says Lil Ray

The beat was produced by one of Chicago super producers "Master T." 

"He brought that heat to this joint, we have great chemistry in the studio.."

I was inspired by all the young sounds and rappers that have put their imprint currently on Chicago. I felt like this track is going to get the fans ready for my up-and-coming Mixtape which is titled "Fundamentals Volume One." Its slated to drop this fall" Says Lil Ray

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